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The Benefits of Purchasing a Business

If you get it right, there can be many reasons why buying an existing business could make good business sense for you. The main benefit of buying an established business is the mitigation of initial risks of start-up. Getting a business off the ground is often the riskiest and most difficult stage of a new business venture. Existing businesses provide a level of safety and profitability not found in start-ups.


The Advantages to Business Acquisition

  • The ability to review a company's existing track record
  • Growth potential can be projected on actual experience
  • Immediate cash flow
  • Skilled employees who are familiar with the business operation and already in place
  • Existing licenses and permits
  • Location/demographics have already been market tested & proven
  • Pricing and competition are already known quantities
  • Policies and Procedures are in place
  • Established suppliers/vendors are in place
  • Financing for existing businesses are more readily available than startup ventures

Buying a business is potential one of the most exciting, rewarding and life-changing decisions a person will make. It is imperative to utilize a qualified professional who can assist you in making an informed decision. RW Webb Consulting can assist you in locating a suitable Arizona business opportunity that matches your unique criteria.

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